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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta
Date of visit: April 26, 2016
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Well Zoo Atlanta has got you covered!
- Birds
- Reptiles
- Mammals 
- Amphibeans
There are so many species of beautiful plants at Zoo Atlanta!
They even have the Venus Fly Trap!
Don't worry! They are harmless to people!

The plants around the park were beautifully taken care of!
This sign tells you that Downey Trees takes care of the Zoo Atlanta trees!
Here is the website:

REVIEW: We had such a wonderful time at the Zoo today!
You could say we fit right in! Hah!
We visited the Zoo for around 4 hours and enjoyed the whole park! We even had lunch, which was pretty good! The prices were reasonable, for a park.. My cheeseburger, fries, and 24oz drink cost right around $12. The food was fresh, but the line was long! We sat outside because of it being a hot, busy day and the restaurant being full. You can also bring snacks and drinks in the park, which is a nice option! Next time we plan on picnicking! All the exhibits were view-able, although the park was super busy. We did not miss out on seeing anything, which was a plus! YAY! - The Tiger was hiding, so he is the only one we did not get to see! The kids loved it and did NOT want to leave. Us adults also enjoyed it! It is a great park for family & friend outings! We also stopped inside the gift shop, which had so much to choose from.. not just cheapo items that will break in a day. The items were all reasonably priced and super cute!
Rating: 5/5*

Ticket Pricing:

Purchase tickets [[ online ]] for a discounted price! 
or purchase reasonably priced tickets at the gate!

Gate Prices
ADULT - $25.99
CHILD (ages 3-11) - $17.99
CHILDREN 2 and under - FREE

You can also purchase a membership based on your needs!
Purchase your membership [[ HERE! ]]

Parking is FREE!

Zoo Address: 
800 Cherokee Avenue
Atlanta, GA 30315

Zoo Phone: