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Friday, April 29, 2016

Quick & Easy HALLOWEEN Decor!

I know it is Spring, nowhere near FALL.. but as I was scrolling through old pictures I found these! I just had to make a blog post about Halloween! Love it! We do not have kids yet, but I love to decorate and make it fun for our trick-or-treating visitors.

As a busy adult, it is hard to find the time to go all-out on decorating for holidays, like Halloween. But year after year, I find more and more Halloween items on sale to add to my collection and I add to them. I generally set up the day of Halloween and still get a pretty good crowd.

I love to decorate the mailbox with some cute ribbon and a small Halloween decoration! I love the way I did this last year! Use a piece of twine and tie cute ribbons onto it! Definitely attracts trick-or-treaters as they are approaching by car :) 

Then I decorate my bushes in front! I love the little skeleton lights!
I also add a few post lights!
Super easy!

I put a broom by the front door and hang my witches hat! It lights up and makes cute / creepy witch sounds! HAH! The kids love and hate it!

Add a cute rug!

And don't forget an assortment of candy!
I do 3 bowls, just in-case of allergies!
Chocolate, Fruity, and Organic / Gluten free :) 
Parents love the variety!

I also add non-candy items, just in-case there are trick-or-treaters that can not eat candy.

So, get at it.. You know as adults, time flies!
Halloween will be here before ya know it!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kilwins (Atlantic Station) Atlanta, GA

Atlantic Station
1380 Atlantic Drive NWSuite #14160
Atlanta, GA 30363

Rating: 5/5*
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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Zoo Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta
Date of visit: April 26, 2016
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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Love for Prince

Many years ago.. as a child, I first heard the beautiful sounds of Prince.
My mother singing word for word in the car or while cooking dinner.
Obviously, I also grew to love Prince.

As I grew older, I wanted to find my soulmate to sing and listen to Prince with.
I found him!
Timmy is pretty hardcore, but he will still jam out to some Prince with me!
We loved listening to "Purple Rain" & "Kiss" especially.
As we fell inlove with one another, I would often sing "Kiss" to him.. especially when we were away from one another.. He loves the way I sing "I just want your extra time and your [[muah muah muah muah muah]] kiss]..

I can not believe the legend of pop passed away today.
It seems as if alot of celebs are passing away.
It really saddens me!

I will continue to jam out to Prince and I will also be that mama jamming at the stove, singing in front of my kids.. not torturing, but teaching them about a man with true talent.

Well, folks.. go have your at home concert!
Jam out to Prince, the King of Pop.
He deserves it!

I know my ancestors, and all of the other fans are receiving such a beautiful concert in Heaven.
It is raining tonight here in Georgia, my ancestors must be sending me a souvenir.

- Lelu

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Healthy Chicken Noodle Soup - Low Carb, Low Sodium, Low Sugar, Low Fat



As you already know.. we have been eating healthy in our house.
No more Chick-Fil-A on the daily (although, I did have a CFA kids meal for lunch today ;) .) So Good!
But, this soup is great too! And super healthy!
It may be low sodium, low sugar, low carb, & low fat, BUT it is FULL of flavor!

For the RECIPE.., click READ MORE on main page!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling

Bible Journaling

While talking on the phone with my best friend,
we discussed bible journaling and encouraged one another to spend time doing so.

I love Psalms 94:18!

This verse reflects in such a positive manner to many of lives struggles.

Enjoy the free printable &&& as always, keep faith!

- Lelu

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

I love my sweet Alfred kitty!

A free printable just for you!

Any friends have a black kitty as a member of your family?
I swear, they are sweeter than any other.
I love my Alfred more than anything!

- Lelu

Oh My.. The Cases! = LOVE!

So, while I was internet browsing it.. Like a boss! 
I came across a website called =! and I have got to tell you, 
I am absolutely INLOVE!
I will surely be getting my hands on one of these cases PRONTO!

You should totally check them out too!
I am sure you will go CASE Crazy, just like me!
Which one? Which one?
One for each day? Wouldn't that be the Life!?

My entire life has revolved around learning antiques and I love Vintage Cameras!
This totally brings vintage to modern day life!
I think I will be ordering this for sure..
It is also available in other colors!
I just can't resist my blue!

Where was this case on May 17, 2014???
I seriously would have rocked this on my wedding day!
Any bride-to-be's out there???
Or prom go-ers?

Anyone that knows me, knows this is true!
I love getting my squats in.. and I love dancing?
And I call both EXERCISING :)
So girls.. "Drop it like it's HOT!" :)

The choices are killing me!
Check it out!
I'm sure you will be impressed!

- Lelu

Pink &&& Gold

I am inlove with the pink &&& gold era! I will always be a die hard fan of Tiffany blue, but this new phase of such beautiful color coordination has definitely caught my eye! I will definitely be adding these items to my wardrobe as soon as I reach my goal body! I have a pair of purple beats now, but I am definitely going to be buying some new gold ones! I may even purchase some Pink & Gold items for my mother for Mother's Day!

What do all of my readers think of the Pink &&& Gold trend?

Fashionable or Not?

Pink &&& Gold

Mint Velvet biker jacket
$370 -

Flat sandals
$29 -

Tom Ford handbags tote
$2,565 -

Sonal Bhaskaran druzy necklace

Christian Louboutin lipstick

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Fairfield Plantation - Villa Rica, GA - Golfing with friends

GOLFING - 4/10/2016

Played 9 out of 18 Holes.
Overall Rating: 5*

Once only available for play by residents, can now be played by all.
The prices are average and the course and scenery are beautiful.
We both recommend you check it out!
You may even run into us on the course, it is our favorite!
You can also take lessons given by professionals.
LeAnn will be taking lessons soon, as she wants to learn. She is now the Golf Cart Driver and Score Keeper. But she does not complain. It is nice to get out and enjoy nature, whether you are golfing or not. We love to ride around, talk, and spend quality time together.

We visited Fairfield Plantation with friends today and they give this course a thumbs up, also!

- Timmy

Friday, April 8, 2016

Mother's Day Gifts 2016

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Free Print Out & Pin-able!

Timmy and I are eating healthier, but there are times when we just do not have the same ideas when it comes to meal planning! Here is a list of helpful measurements when you want to half recipes. 
For those of you like us, leftovers are not always appealing, so we often half recipes to prevent food waste!

- Lelu

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Summer 2016

Summer 16

Too many carbs && too much sodium!

Today, I have started a healthier diet.. not that the way I was doing it before wasn't working. I just wasn't receiving the results that I wanted! Counting calories is not my plan anymore. I'm sure I will actually come in way below 1200 calories a day with my new changes.

Eatting under 1200 calories definitely works.. so if that is the best plan for you, that is fine! I weighed in March 3rd at my heaviest of 158 lb. and today I weighed in at 151.4 lb. -- over 6 lb of weight loss!

I am going to be consuming a low sodium diet & I will also be watching my carb intake. My goal for sodium is around 1000 mg & carbs is 150 g at the highest. I will elevate sodium levels if I feel dehydrated or sick.

NO more diet sodas! They may be 0 calories, but the sodium and other ingredients are not beneficial to your health or weight loss!

Fruits & Veggies! & lean meats! Trading milk for almond milk & processed cereals for organic :) I'm going with Kashi.

I pray by the end of the week, I see better results than I have in the past 3 weeks :)

No more splurging! I want a healthier, happier lifestyle that I can make part of my forever life!
(This does not mean that I can not enjoy family functions and holidays, just on the average day.. be HEALTHY!)

Anyone want to share low sodium meals with me and the other readers? I would love to see them!

For FULL ARTICLE.., click READ MORE on main page!

Monday, April 4, 2016

Keep a POSITIVE mind

Today I want to share with you, a free printable!

Life can be so tough!
We just gotta stay strong!

How is your Monday!?
I hope it is FABULOUS!

If not, keep your head up!
& here is a printable just for you :)

- Lelu

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just another day Bargain Shopping!

I spent this beautiful day with my mama. Timmy had things he had to get done, so I enjoyed having a mother-daughter day with the lady I am so blessed to call mama. We decided to go look around for yard sales &&& I am so GLAD we did! We found all sorts of treasures! I have 2 nightstands to refinish, an end table, 4 dining chairs and some small items! I can not wait until next week when I have time to get crafty! My shows have ended for the season, so I have a few spared hours in the day to get things done! Time is precious! I do not watch a whole lot of tv because I feel overwhelmed with all the day to day things that have to get done.. but Grey's Anatomy, The Fosters, and Fixer Upper can not be missed! I DVR them, so sitting and watching them in one sitting is doable! I think the person that came up with the DVR is a real blessing :) I can not wait until Switched at Birth returns! & next month, GAME OF THRONES!!! YAY!

And I just LOVE this new found hobby of mine! Blogging about all of lives treasures is so fun! And it helps me stay creative and motivates me to do more each and every day. I will soon show some of the organizational projects I have been working on! & I can not wait to refinish the furniture pieces I purchased to show you :) But on a positive note, sunny and clear skies have been forecasted so far for this next week! YAY!

And today, I have another free totally pin-worthy item just for you :)

And for those of you that will not be on tomorrow.. I hope you have a blessed day! 
Enjoy a sweet tea & some Jesus! 

Friday, April 1, 2016

Paint Clean Up Tips & Couple Rooster Key Holder

Felt a little crafty and wanted to show a helpful trick!
I had an unfinished wooden keyholder in my stock of craft supplies, waiting patiently to be given a little Well, I finally got around to it... after it spent years in my craft closet. Eek!
I'm glad I finally did!
I think it turned into an adorable little key holder!
Robins Egg Blue && Gum Drop Roosters do exist, right??!

Mr. & Mrs. Key Holder!
Robin's Egg Blue and Gum Drop Roosters!

Note to self: And others: Remember those crafty items that you have stored away? They are taking up space && could literally turn into works of art! Get Crafty! It is totally worth it!

Paint Clean up TIP:
For FULL ARTICLE.., click READ MORE on main page!

Free Owl Coloring Page!

Yes, Free!
I have a coloring page, fun for you and the kids!
Have fun &&& please post a comment with a picture of your completed coloring page :)

You can save a print the coloring page by right clicking on your mouse! 

- Lelu


So... I may have told a little fib. I did not weigh in Thursday! The scale scares me to death. I am so scared that I will get on the scale and it will not have the results I am wishing for. I am praying that I am in the mid 140's or below, but I am scared that I will get on the scale and it will show that I have not worked hard enough. Truth is, I am way too hard on myself emotionally and get discouraged pretty easily. So, I think it is best I stay away from the scale a little while longer! I see that my body is changing a little each day, and I am feeling better about my appearance each and every day :) I can not wait until I am at my goal. I do not have those extreme teenage goals anymore, wanting to weigh in at 105lbs.! I just want to hit the 120s! Here is a motivational pic that I came across from 2010! My husband, well boyfriend back then.. loved taking pictures of me. It made me feel so good, although I swore I was fat and hated to see pictures of myself. I love this picture. It shows how I was not toothpick skinny, but a healthy beautiful size (or in my opinion, being a larger version of this pictured person). Anyone have any tips for getting rid of scale shock & weight loss discouragement? 

Pay no nevermind to my hubby's old bedroom.. he was a tad messy ;)
Now he has a wife to keep the house clean ;)