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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Just another day Bargain Shopping!

I spent this beautiful day with my mama. Timmy had things he had to get done, so I enjoyed having a mother-daughter day with the lady I am so blessed to call mama. We decided to go look around for yard sales &&& I am so GLAD we did! We found all sorts of treasures! I have 2 nightstands to refinish, an end table, 4 dining chairs and some small items! I can not wait until next week when I have time to get crafty! My shows have ended for the season, so I have a few spared hours in the day to get things done! Time is precious! I do not watch a whole lot of tv because I feel overwhelmed with all the day to day things that have to get done.. but Grey's Anatomy, The Fosters, and Fixer Upper can not be missed! I DVR them, so sitting and watching them in one sitting is doable! I think the person that came up with the DVR is a real blessing :) I can not wait until Switched at Birth returns! & next month, GAME OF THRONES!!! YAY!

And I just LOVE this new found hobby of mine! Blogging about all of lives treasures is so fun! And it helps me stay creative and motivates me to do more each and every day. I will soon show some of the organizational projects I have been working on! & I can not wait to refinish the furniture pieces I purchased to show you :) But on a positive note, sunny and clear skies have been forecasted so far for this next week! YAY!

And today, I have another free totally pin-worthy item just for you :)

And for those of you that will not be on tomorrow.. I hope you have a blessed day! 
Enjoy a sweet tea & some Jesus! 


  1. I seriously need to go yard saling with yall one day! I need tons of stuff for the apartment!

    1. Ashley Lee, we would love to have you! I may go Friday and Saturday if you would like to go one of those days :)