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Friday, April 1, 2016


So... I may have told a little fib. I did not weigh in Thursday! The scale scares me to death. I am so scared that I will get on the scale and it will not have the results I am wishing for. I am praying that I am in the mid 140's or below, but I am scared that I will get on the scale and it will show that I have not worked hard enough. Truth is, I am way too hard on myself emotionally and get discouraged pretty easily. So, I think it is best I stay away from the scale a little while longer! I see that my body is changing a little each day, and I am feeling better about my appearance each and every day :) I can not wait until I am at my goal. I do not have those extreme teenage goals anymore, wanting to weigh in at 105lbs.! I just want to hit the 120s! Here is a motivational pic that I came across from 2010! My husband, well boyfriend back then.. loved taking pictures of me. It made me feel so good, although I swore I was fat and hated to see pictures of myself. I love this picture. It shows how I was not toothpick skinny, but a healthy beautiful size (or in my opinion, being a larger version of this pictured person). Anyone have any tips for getting rid of scale shock & weight loss discouragement? 

Pay no nevermind to my hubby's old bedroom.. he was a tad messy ;)
Now he has a wife to keep the house clean ;)

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