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My name is LeAnn, aka Lelu! My husband Tim (aka Timmy) and I are creative and adventurous individuals, with a passion for finding humor in most of everything! We fell in-love with one another, mostly because we know how to make each other laugh! We will be married for 2 years on May 17, 2016! Time flies! We met and fell completely in-love in October of 2010! We have enjoyed the last 5 years of our lives with one another! Okay, this is just getting way too darn sappy! We are not sappy people, we are crazy, yet lovable! You will discover this while you follow along on our journey in this crazy thing we call .. LIFE ..

Just a few weeks into our relationship.. awww, so sappy!

Making cupcakes, you can see.. we are silly!

Cave Tubing on our honeymoon

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