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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Love for Prince

Many years ago.. as a child, I first heard the beautiful sounds of Prince.
My mother singing word for word in the car or while cooking dinner.
Obviously, I also grew to love Prince.

As I grew older, I wanted to find my soulmate to sing and listen to Prince with.
I found him!
Timmy is pretty hardcore, but he will still jam out to some Prince with me!
We loved listening to "Purple Rain" & "Kiss" especially.
As we fell inlove with one another, I would often sing "Kiss" to him.. especially when we were away from one another.. He loves the way I sing "I just want your extra time and your [[muah muah muah muah muah]] kiss]..

I can not believe the legend of pop passed away today.
It seems as if alot of celebs are passing away.
It really saddens me!

I will continue to jam out to Prince and I will also be that mama jamming at the stove, singing in front of my kids.. not torturing, but teaching them about a man with true talent.

Well, folks.. go have your at home concert!
Jam out to Prince, the King of Pop.
He deserves it!

I know my ancestors, and all of the other fans are receiving such a beautiful concert in Heaven.
It is raining tonight here in Georgia, my ancestors must be sending me a souvenir.

- Lelu

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