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Friday, April 1, 2016

Paint Clean Up Tips & Couple Rooster Key Holder

Felt a little crafty and wanted to show a helpful trick!
I had an unfinished wooden keyholder in my stock of craft supplies, waiting patiently to be given a little Well, I finally got around to it... after it spent years in my craft closet. Eek!
I'm glad I finally did!
I think it turned into an adorable little key holder!
Robins Egg Blue && Gum Drop Roosters do exist, right??!

Mr. & Mrs. Key Holder!
Robin's Egg Blue and Gum Drop Roosters!

Note to self: And others: Remember those crafty items that you have stored away? They are taking up space && could literally turn into works of art! Get Crafty! It is totally worth it!

Paint Clean up TIP:
For FULL ARTICLE.., click READ MORE on main page!

Tired of leaving a mess everywhere you paint?
Scared to paint because you do not have the space for it?
Problem solved!
I repurposed a plastic place mat into my paint station! EASY to store, EASY to clean, & EASY access!

Items you will need:
Plastic placemat - I chose zebra print as my craft room is decorated in Zebra print!
Command Velcro Strips
A place you have designated to hang it once complete!

1st step: Clean area you want to place velcro strip and make sure it has enough area for size of placemat.
2nd step: Add command strip to back of placemat and designated area to hang.
3rd step: Let command strips adhere to surfaces for a few hours.
4th step: You now have an easy access paint station!
5th step: Get to Painting!
6th step: If you want to clean off the paint, use a lysol wipe! Lysol wipes work magic with craft paint messes!

- Lelu

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