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Friday, April 29, 2016

Quick & Easy HALLOWEEN Decor!

I know it is Spring, nowhere near FALL.. but as I was scrolling through old pictures I found these! I just had to make a blog post about Halloween! Love it! We do not have kids yet, but I love to decorate and make it fun for our trick-or-treating visitors.

As a busy adult, it is hard to find the time to go all-out on decorating for holidays, like Halloween. But year after year, I find more and more Halloween items on sale to add to my collection and I add to them. I generally set up the day of Halloween and still get a pretty good crowd.

I love to decorate the mailbox with some cute ribbon and a small Halloween decoration! I love the way I did this last year! Use a piece of twine and tie cute ribbons onto it! Definitely attracts trick-or-treaters as they are approaching by car :) 

Then I decorate my bushes in front! I love the little skeleton lights!
I also add a few post lights!
Super easy!

I put a broom by the front door and hang my witches hat! It lights up and makes cute / creepy witch sounds! HAH! The kids love and hate it!

Add a cute rug!

And don't forget an assortment of candy!
I do 3 bowls, just in-case of allergies!
Chocolate, Fruity, and Organic / Gluten free :) 
Parents love the variety!

I also add non-candy items, just in-case there are trick-or-treaters that can not eat candy.

So, get at it.. You know as adults, time flies!
Halloween will be here before ya know it!

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