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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Oh My.. The Cases! = LOVE!

So, while I was internet browsing it.. Like a boss! 
I came across a website called =! and I have got to tell you, 
I am absolutely INLOVE!
I will surely be getting my hands on one of these cases PRONTO!

You should totally check them out too!
I am sure you will go CASE Crazy, just like me!
Which one? Which one?
One for each day? Wouldn't that be the Life!?

My entire life has revolved around learning antiques and I love Vintage Cameras!
This totally brings vintage to modern day life!
I think I will be ordering this for sure..
It is also available in other colors!
I just can't resist my blue!

Where was this case on May 17, 2014???
I seriously would have rocked this on my wedding day!
Any bride-to-be's out there???
Or prom go-ers?

Anyone that knows me, knows this is true!
I love getting my squats in.. and I love dancing?
And I call both EXERCISING :)
So girls.. "Drop it like it's HOT!" :)

The choices are killing me!
Check it out!
I'm sure you will be impressed!

- Lelu

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