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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Dreadful Lady Day.. Relaxation? Sure!

WHEW! Today has been a day... I have not had a day like this in a long time! Usually I catch the cramps early, so they do not get bad.. NOT today! I had the shakes, the chills, and the not so fun pains! After 4 HOT bubble baths, 2 advils, and lying in bed with a heated blanket for 2 hours.. I think I have kicked the cramps away! I will definitely take an advil right when the pain starts on my next trip down the long dreaded journey next month! I try and not take meds, unless I absolutely need them and that is what caused all the terrors today! Anyone else experience the occasional unbearable menstrual cramps? Have any tips? My tips are below.. I swear by the ADVIL FILM COATED TABLETS and Walmart is selling them with a $1 off coupon attached! [[SCORE!]] and I love my heated blanket that my hubby purchased me from Target for Christmas! Both items can be found here:

Heated blanket - Now on sale, so you can score it for a great deal! I have the queen, but really a twin would work just fine and you can [[SCORE!]] one right now for the price of $12.24! (65% off) &&& if you spend $25 or more you can opt for free shipping :) Click HERE to order YOUR OWN BLANKET :)

Advil Film Coated Tablets - I love the film coated because they do not give me heartburn like regular Advil! I highly recommend them! You can find a better deal in store (because there is a $1 off coupon attached currently), but here is the link so you can read up ..or.. order them. :) Advil Film Coated Tablets - CLICK HERE

&&& maybe oneday I will have a claw foot tub! For now.. my garden tub works just fine! I think I may order a new candle to have ready for next time! Lavender is really relaxing, so I will probably purchase one in that scent.

Hope all is well with you :)
Wouldn't it be nice if us ladies could just have a normal day of relaxation, without all of the dreadful cramps, bloating, and all of the other things to go along with our visit!?

Tub graphic:

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