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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

OUR New Found Love.. Blogging

Hello. My name is LeAnn, although some call me Lelu. My husband, Tim and I have decided to join the world of blogging. We have been discussing this adventure for some time now &&& with help from our friend,, we have finally found the motivation to do so! We have so many hobbies and will be posting many insights to our life in the near future. I love crafting, baking, saving money, entertaining, and spending time with my husband, cat child, and of course friends and family! Tim loves to spend time with friends and family and spends most of his free time grilling, gaming, playing guitar, and persuading our feline to love him more.. Jk. We love our cat, like he his human.. so therefore, you got it right.. he thinks he is human! We do not have children, yet.. but hope to start planning within the foreseeable future. Right now, we are just living one day at a time. Having fun. Learning about one another. <3

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