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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let's Get Healthy!

So.. last week, I decided to step on the dreadful scale! I thought to myself, "I know i've lost atleast 5 - 10 pounds since I weighed myself months ago! Nope! I gained 8 pounds, and I was already over what I called my weight LIMIT! So.. Today is day one of getting healthy! I am going to put up an embarrassing picture of myself, to motivate me! I want to get back to being that healthy 120 pound girl I used to be, although, I am now a 25 year old adult!

I do not usually keep the pictures where I have a fat chin and fat arms, but I love this picture! I love my niece so much! 
MY Goal:
120 pounds and fit :) Excuse my goofyness, I just can't help it!
Here is a more normal picture of myself, no goofyness here :) 
Starting weight 3/3/2015 : 155lbs.
Goal weight by 5/17/2016 : 135lbs.
Goal weight by 7/17/2016 : 125lbs.

The point of this blog is.. I want to get healthy and possibly motivate others! I am not wanting to be toothpick skinny or starving. I want to be HEALTHY, eating right and exercising my way to feeling better, health and beauty wise! So.. who wants to start this journey with me? Comment below <3

Feel free to leave healthy meal and snack ideas that I can create and mention in my blog. If you have a blog or find it on a website please leave me the url, for copyright purposes :)

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