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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

We had such a blessed Easter Sunday! Spending time with family and friends is one of our main priorities. We spent our day with Timmy's side of the family. I made a "Dirt Pudding Carrot Patch" cake and it was a hit! YAY! We had a wonderful meal and will have fond memories of all the special moments. We love watching the kiddos run around full of life and love. Our cousin's daughter was telling us how she had won a prize for knowing a bible verse, I love hearing things like that. So many people are not teaching children about religion and it breaks my heart! Easter is so much more than candy, Easter eggs, and toys. I will treat my children with egg hunts, Easter baskets, and such.. but they will also know about our savior. We are all so blessed, and we have the one above to thank for that! While visiting my mother-in-laws later during the evening, we looked out upon the pond. It was so peaceful! Nature is so lovely, nothing like ending an Easter day with the feeling of being blessed. The photo above shares my view and I love the bible verse upon it. Feel free to save and print, it is free :)
I hope you all had a blessed day and I love you all! 

- Lelu

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