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Friday, March 25, 2016

mamas are the sweetest!

I sure do LOVE my mama! Not because she buys me gifts, but because she is the most caring person I know. I told her that I did not want any kind of Easter gift this year.. i'm 25 years old, lol. But, what does she do? She comes today bearing Easter gifts. I LOVE my flowers! Its has been sooo long since I have had flowers &&& they smell so good! I told my husband a few years ago to stop getting me flowers, crazy huh?? It is not that I do not love flowers.. it is that MR. Alfred (my kitty) makes it nearly impossible to have anything I like. Most floral plants are poisonous to cats, and after so many scares and vet bills because he has allergies.. I banned flowers! Well, I just miss them so much. And now I have some! and they are now placed on my nightstand away from Alfred :) Are they gorgeous or what?? 

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