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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

EBATES - My Favorite Way to SAVE! & Get CRAFTY with MiNTED!

Do you do a lot of shopping online?
Are you constantly looking for ways to save $$$?
Check out EBATES!
For pictures & more reading.., click READ MORE on main page!

You shop online, just like usual.. but first you visit!
I love this site so much because it keeps you from visiting sites that are out to scam customers!
It only lists trusted sites and helps you find such great deals!
They also list coupon codes for stores to help you save even MORE $$$!

So far, I have saved a total of $127.24!
Each time you shop, you get a percentage back and when it is time for checks to go out you will get it all back! You can use it for whatever you like! Bills, Fun, Shopping..
They send you a check in the mail!
I'm telling you, EBATES is the way to go!

I have also found so many cool gifts and gadgets by shopping around online through EBATES!
I would have NEVER found them if I had not signed up!
I have not only saved $127.24 by shopping through them, I have saved a TON through store deals, sales, clearance, etc.
And I rarely pay shipping. I look for stores that offer free shipping at a certain amount spent!

A place that I love to earn cash back with is MiNTED!
They have such cool giftwraps, stationary, and gifts!
I shop here for all things EXTRA SPECIAL!
I made my mom special giftwrap for Christmas with our pictures on it! She cried!
Here is my last shipment! I earned 2.5% cash back through MiNTED

Sign up by CLICKING HERE and get a $10 giftcard! (Rules & Regulations on website)

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