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Friday, May 27, 2016


Is your second anniversary approaching?
Are you looking for gift or trip ideas?
It can really be mind boggling!
I love these tshirts - there are so many options on ETSY!
We received so many compliments - Timmy was a little shy! Haha!
For pictures & more reading.., click READ MORE on main page!

2 years = cotton theme
Color = RED
(I didn't plan around the color, but more around the theme)
Cotton Gift Ideas:
+ Cotton Towel
+ Cotton Clothing
+ Cotton Sheets
+ Cotton Candy Flavored Items
+ Cotton Candy Machine
+ Decorate a gift bag with Cotton Balls 
(I glued them to the front of a gift bag & after placing the gifts inside, filled with cotton balls)
+ Cotton Shopping Bag
+ Cotton Golf Towel
(I purchased one for Timmy [GA Bulldogs themed] and placed in the shopping tote)
+ Cotton Tshirts
- these are just a few things I come up with for gifts for my husband -
Here are a few more ideas:
+ Cotton Comforter
+ Cotton Personalized blanket
+ Cotton Pillow Cases
+ Cotton Robe
+ Cotton Pj's
+ Cotton Travel Bags
+ Cotton Apron

+ Another SWEET idea is to set up a dessert station with a cotton candy machine and surprise your husband with a fun celebration on your 2 year anniversary.. we had so much FUN making cotton candy together! We can not wait to pull it out and make some more! +
 I love the machine I purchased! I love traditional items and this is such a cute little remake of the vintage machines! Cotton Candy Machine LINK
Date Ideas - Atlanta, GA
5/5* (for us)
Our Favorite Menu Items:
(Meats & Cheeses)
(Warm Salted Pretzel)
(Brat Plate w/ sides)
(Rotisserie Chicken w/ fries)
Timmy's Favorite Beer(s):

We decided to have lunch here for our anniversary! I ordered the Meats & Cheese Appetizer (GEMISCHTE WURST UND KÄSEPLATTE) & Timmy ordered the Brat Plate (WURSTPLATTEN) - We absolutely love Der Biergarten and visit often! You can dine inside or out, our favorite is the covered patio or outdoor seating.
I'm telling you, this is the BEST way to ride a Ferris Wheel!
If you are in Atlanta, you must ride it!
You can see all around atlanta from your bucket!
&&& it is air conditioned, which was Amazing!
You can also purchase a snack or some booze & enjoy your ride even more!
I can not wait to ride it again! Timmy, not so much.. he was a little nervous! Hah!
Where we stayed:
We absolutely LOVED spending time here!
So romantic, clean, and such a beautiful place to be!
We stayed on the 38th floor and could see for miles & miles & miles!
We did not want to leave!
The pool and all surroundings were nicely decorated, clean, and fun to spend time at.
We also spent time in the gym, at Starbucks, and of course we had dinner at The Sun Dial!
There is also a giftshop that offers all sorts of Atlanta souvenirs and everyday necessities!
If you plan to book a room here, make sure you do it in advance! People love this place!
The prices are high dollar, but you should expect that with it being a 5* resort, with a spinning restaurant on top of it! It was definitely worth the price! If I were a billionaire, I would live here! and I would eat at the Sun Dial every single day!
- Restaurant -
The Sun Dial Restaurant was amazing! I actually found what I wanted to eat for dinner quickly & Timmy and I enjoyed site seeing while revolving around the restaurant! You can see everything, for miles & miles! The view is beautiful during the day and night! We watched the sun go down while having dinner and as it became dark the lights on the building were absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Even the car lights on the expressway were stunning! It was like Christmas in May! I enjoyed a glass of wine and Timmy had a beer. The wine "14 Hands" is great! Then the bread and our food came! SO DELICIOUS! I can not wait to go back!

What we enjoyed:
- Roasted Half-Rack of Lamb (Timmy)
- Butter Poached Lobster Bake (LeAnn)
- Key-lime Pie Icecream (LeAnn)
- Mini Pies (Timmy)

We also enjoyed grabbing some late night cocktails at the SunDial Bar and at Hard Rock Cafe across the street from the Westin! They were delicious! And we goofed off and had a blast on our 2 year anniversary!
Of course I wore my beautiful Betsey Johnson BLUE shoes! I fell absolutely inlove with them long before wedding planning! I think they are partly the reason why I chose my wedding color! I love the color blue so much, especially robin's egg blue & Tiffany blue! And the color made Timmy happy, which was a plus. I could not imagine making him wear some crazy girly color! Which I think he would look great in any color, but I wanted to make him feel comfortable. Oh & the groomsmen too! We started out with green and yellow and ended up with blue! And now my entire house is decorated with wedding decor and other blue items!
I started a tradition with my wedding shoes, no pinterest ideas.. just something I came up with on my own. But when you spend as much money as I did on shoes you wear for one day or less, you get creative! And everyone that has heard my idea loves it! Each year on our anniversary date, I wear my beautiful blue shoes! All the beautiful memories of my wedding day and past anniversaries spark when putting my BLUE SLIPPERS on! And instead of my beautiful girls helping me put on my magical slippers (like the day of my wedding), my handsome husband does! After getting all fixed up to surprise him first, or course!
JUST A FEW freebies <3
Free Print Out!
Who else had this blue as their wedding color?
I think it is the prettiest wedding color of all time!
(probably because it was mine)
If you love these as much as I do.. PIN & PRINT!

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