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Saturday, June 11, 2016

The VORTEX (Atlanta, GA) - Little 5 Points!

Today, we decided to meet up with some friends and enjoy a late lunch / early dinner at one of our most favorite places to eat in Atlanta. We ate at the Vortex - we both enjoyed the Original Coronary Bypass! The Original Coronary Bypass burger is packed with a ton of yummy goodness (Bun, beef, lots & lots of cheese, bacon!, a pickle, tomato, lettuce, and onion!) I actually ate very little of mine while out with friends.. I am quite the talker! HAH! But it was tasty! & ended up eating 70% of it throughout the day! Those of you who have tried the even bigger choices... bravo, bravo! and we also gave the fried zucchini a try- great choice.. we can just say it is a healthier choice!

The menu is sooooo awesome! Remember, this is a 21+ restaurant and bar! No kiddos here.. well except for those with an older birth year and continue to stay young at heart ;) 

check out the POLICIES before making a trip

We give this restaurant a 5/5* rating! on burgers and fun!

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