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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Home Reno's - First Completed Project - Exterior Paint + New FRONT door!

I am absolutely inlove with our freshly painted home!
(yes, we went with similar colors! The cozy, comfortable earth tones are what drew us into buying our home in the first place! - The shutters did not need painting, we had just painted them this past fall but the painters did another coat anyways.)
We had to have new trim put up, some siding replaced, and the house, shingles, & shutters painted.. but finally, it is complete! I love our new front door, but I will definitely be making some changes (new knob & a cute wreath! && possibly some white paint around the window on the door.. to match the window above!) Whew.. house work takes a lot of time and energy! But I can not complain!

Keep a check on my blog, I will soon have pictures of our backsplash in the kitchen, freshly painted kitchen cabinets, new flooring, interior decorating, and a bathroom remodel! Yep, we are some busy folks!

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- Lelu

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