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Monday, July 11, 2016

Rocking Chair Makeover

Update an OLD Rocker
Living Room
& more [of course!]
We are planning to use this in our guest bedroom, but will most likely use it in our future children's rooms.
My grandmother gave it to me & it was very unstable.. I did not think I could get it back to functioning! But a little wood glue [I mean A LOT of wood glue!] and chalk paint did the trick!
I am so happy that it turned out so well! It is very old, so we will use it as decor more than use, but my heart feels so wonderful having one of my grandmothers antique treasures in my home.
I went into deep thought and decided to paint it. I have a love/hate relationship with painting really OLD furniture! But this called for paint! It was cracking and the wood was splitting beyond repair and it needed to be covered & sealed to prevent it from worsening.
I used a chalk paint (grey) and it turned out great! I added a burlap ribbon to the finished product to add a {[pop]} of pretty!


  1. This is so special that it used to belong to your grandmother. It's makeover looks gorgeous and I'm so glad you were able to restore it!

  2. So cute! I love repurposing old furniture and making it new!

  3. Awesome job! It looks fantastic!!

  4. Thanks everyone! :) Keep a check on my blog for more furniture makeovers!